Well, just like Fancy Nancy, I was lucky enough to attend an afternoon tea. It was amazing. Oh, the sweets! Plus, I drank from a real tea cup and had an amazing time chatting up mom and grandma about social niceties such as the weather and world peace. You could see the look of disdain from fellow tea worshippers. They thought I was a regular three year old. How small minded of them. They should have realized they were in the presence of greatness when they saw my delightful dress. For the occasion I donned a beautiful dress (from Winners!?!?) and sparkly h&m tights. I finished off the look with Minnie Mouse flats (not pictured) from the Disney store. Once again my manners were impeccable and the waiter invited me back whenever the mood should strike. I’m thinking the third Sunday of every month. I’m joining the ladies who lunch elite. I’ll fit right in!!!

xo Piki xo


Pikidoo’s Mother’s Day!

Well, the day that I take very seriously has come and gone. Mother’s Day. It is a stressful day because Mommy tries to best me with her outfit. She also feels like she can demand I wear a certain ensemble. Luckily, my fashion input was taken into account. Minus the cardigan. I don’t want to talk about it… Fine! She made me wear it! I even tried to shove it in the dirty clothes. No chance. So, here I am wearing a flowery dress (with a crinoline!!!) from Gap, cute sparkly gray tights from h&m, Hello Kitty Vans and an h&m cardigan. I also stole the headband from Mommy’s gift (looks better on me anyway!) which is a Jessie Steele creation and Hello Kitty glasses. I do think mommy looks ok today, however I should remind everyone that pink is my colour. Not hers. The rainbow blanket ruined everything. There I mentioned the baby.

xo Piki xo


Oh, brother!

Well, my parents did it (oh god, retract!), they finished the family off. I now have a seven month old brother. I can often be seen with my hands over my ears trying to drown out that awful crying. Has anyone ever noticed how much babies cry. This one is great… He doesn’t like to be dressed in anything with a waist band. Holy, a certain colour of neck (red), mackerel!
Anyway, I have decided to punish my mom by siding with the big guy and wearing random sports apparel. It is killing me inside a bit, but every time I see mom look a little sad it makes me feel all happy again.
Don’t worry your pretty little heads, however, my closet is still better thank any of yours. 😉
Here is a picture of the newbie, wearing track pants. Hey, at least he is clothed people. You’re welcome!
xo Piki xo